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Smith & Nephew Profore 4 Layer Bandage 18cm x 25cm (EXP: Sep 2024)

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Contains a non-cohesive band and 4-band specifically for compression therapy in four layers for an outline ankle 18-25 cm.L article presents the following advantages:

efficient compression: clinical studies in hospitals and in home care have confirmed that the 4-band system provides an effective compression.

gradual compression: an effective graduated compression is generally accepted as the main factor in the treatment of venous ulcers. With Profore system, it is possible to achieve a pressure of 40 mm Hg at the ankle and calf 17 mm.

constant compression measurements have established that the Profore system maintains the pressure for at least a week.

sure: thanks to the soft bottom layer and combination bands, patient safety is optimal. In addition, the outermost cohesive band prevents rolling and assures the reliability of therapy.

can stay more than a week in place: Profore system has sufficient absorption capacity to cover for a week the most draining wounds.

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