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595300 Mepilex Border Flex 10cm x 10cm 5's

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Mepilex® Border Flex combines innovative Flex Technology with our proven Safetac® technology to create a dressing that stays on and is still gentle.

Direction of use:
1. Remove the dressing from the packaging.
2. Prepare the area by cleansing the intact skin and drying the surrounding skin thoroughly.
3. After the skin is prepared, remove the center backing film by gently pulling on the purple lined edge.
4. Apply the dressing to the wound area.
6. Remove the side backing films and gently smooth each side of the dressing into place. Ensure that entire dressing is in contact with the skin.

Designed to conform and stay on
Our proprietary Flex Technology creates greater conformability, and a dressing that is more flexible than comparable bordered foam dressings 1 . A dressing that moves with the patient and stays on even in the shower 2 . Gives more time back to nurses to focus on care, not unscheduled dressing changes.

Smart exudate management
The 5-layer dressing absorbs, channels and traps exudate and allows you to track exudate progress. Keeping exudate away from the wound bed, and preventing re-entry, even under compression 3 .It has better exudate handling capacity than comparable dressings and can handle both normal and viscous exudate 4 5 .

Reduced pain and trauma
Our proven Safetac® technology means less pain 6 and trauma 6 during dressing changes, and reduced risk of maceration than traditional (adhesive) dressings 7 8.

Areas of use
Mepilex Border Flex can be used to treat a wide range of exuding chronic and acute wounds 9 such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, pressure ulcers*, skin tears and traumatic wounds. Available in five sizes in both square and rectangular shapes, it can be used on a wide range of wounds and can be considered your ‘go to’ all-in-one dressing.

Easy application
Our new proprietary three-part release liner makes it easy to apply Mepilex Border Flex** 10 . So you can place your dressings accurately and securely – avoiding wrinkles, rolled edges and re-applications. Which could save time and reduce waste, too.

Flex Technology provides excellent flexibility 1 and conformability to avoid early detachment 11
Manages to handle more exudate*** than other all-in-one foam dressings 4
Test shows that Mepilex Border Flex releases up to 22 times less bacteria than other dressings 12
Exudate Progress Monitor lets you objectively track and record exudate 13 , potentially avoiding excess dressing changes
For use on a wide range of exuding chronic and acute wounds 9
*Where a repositioning or offloading protocol is used
**Available in 15 x 15cm and 15 x 20cm
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