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5558 Collar N Cuff 5cm x 6m Flesh 2's

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With Collar‘n’Cuff®, you can construct effective, comfortable slings and braces to support your patients’ arms, wrists and shoulders – without the need for extra padding.

Collar’n’Cuff is a highly versatile, cost-effective solution. Simply cut the exact amount of material you need from a roll of Collar‘n’Cuff, then use the plastic fasteners supplied to hold it in place.
It is made from a soft-foam material in a knitted cotton tubular sleeve, which provides effective and comfortable support when fastened in position with the plastic strips.

For arm slings, wrist supports, clavicle braces or shoulder immobilisers
Supportive, strong and comfortable
Simple construction to enable rapid creation of tailor-made support
Supplied in 6-metre rolls so you can cut the amount of material you need
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