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550198 UrgoStart 10cm x 10cm 10's

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Product Details

-Accelerates wound healing

-Re-balances the metabolic environment in chronic wounds
-Ideal for awkward locations, cavity and deep wounds
-Painless and atraumatic removal

■ Preparation of the wound:
• Clean the wound with normal saline.
• If an antiseptic is used first, rinse the wound thoroughly with
saline solution before applying UrgoStart Contact.
■ Application of the dressing:
• Remove the protective wings from UrgoStart Contact.
• Apply UrgoStart Contact to the wound.
• UrgoStart Contact can be cut using sterile equipment to fit
the dressing to the wound.
• Cover UrgoStart Contact with a secondary dressing suitable
to absorb the level of wound exudate and hold the secondary
dressing in place with a comforming bandage, adhesive tape
or an elasticated tubular bandage.
• For exuding wounds, use UrgoStart, the soft adherent
hydrocellular version of UrgoStart Contact.
■ Dressing changes:
• UrgoStart Contact dressing may be changed every 2 to 4
days, and left in place for up to 7 days depending on the level
of exudate and the wound condition.
• The recommended treatment duration for UrgoStart Contact
is a minimum of 4 to 5 weeks.

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