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18006 Hollister New Image Drainable Pouch Transparent - Lock N'Roll Closure with AF300 filter 102mm 1 Box 10pcs

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To Close- roll it three times in the same direction, press from the middle out and feel the seal

To Empty- Lightly pinch the sides of the leak-proof outlet for easy control of content flow

To Clean - clean the inside of the pouch tail by rinsing with water and wiping clean with a tissue

Lock 'n Roll Closure

Odor Barrier Film

This product is part of a two-piece pouching system. The pouch is designed to be opened at the bottom when emptying. These pouches are most suitable for colostomies or ileostomies. The integrated Lock 'n Roll microseal closure utilizes plastic interlocking fasteners to create a secure closure at the bottom of the pouch. The AF300 filter allows for a slow release and deodorization of gas from the pouch. Soft, beige ComfortWear pouch panels help provide comfort.

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