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[1 PCS] Keneric RTD Wound Dressing 10cm x 10cm x 0.6cm

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Product Details

RTD® (Retro-Tech Dressing) is a foam wound dressing that has been designed to promote healing in chronic wounds by utilizing silver ion (Ag+), gentian violet (GV), and methylene blue (MB). Ag+ ions kill bacteria in the wound fluid absorbed by the dressing. GV works as an antifungal, antimicrobial, and mild analgesic, and MB, which is strongly bound to the foam matrix, has an affinity for negatively charged proteins found in the components of exudate.

Indications for Use:
RTD™ Wound Dressing is indicated for the treatment of partial to full thickness wounds with moderate to heavy exudate.
•Surface debris should be removed, and the wound cleaned thoroughly.
•RTD® should be measured and cut to the size of the wound (entire wound should be covered or effectiveness will decrease) and held in place by a gauze dressing or under compression in the incidence of venous leg ulcers.
•According to the manufacturer, can be left on for a maximum of three days, and should be removed when saturated.
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