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[1 PCS] 551315 Urgotul Silver Ag Dressings 10cm x 12cm

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Product Details

Benefits For The Wound:

-99.9% removal of biofilms within 1 day (Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus)
-Moist wound healing
-No adherence to the wound ( no damage to newly formed tissue)
-Protection of surrounding skin

Benefits For Health Professionals:
-Easy to apply
-Easy to remove the pain-free dressing change
-Can be used in cavity wounds
-Can be used under compression
-Clinically proven in a Randomised Controlled Tria

Benefits For Patients:
-No adherence to the wound: paint-free dressing change
-Well tolerated
-Very conformable to fit different wound shapes

UrgoTul Ag/Silver is indicated for the treatment of wounds with signs of infection: chronic wounds (pressure ulcers and leg ulvers) and acute wounds (partial-thickness burns, demabrasions, traumatic wounds, surgical wounds, etc)

-Do not use when there is a known sensitivity to silver
-Do not use on patients undergoing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) examination.

Instructions For Use:
-Clean the wound as per local protocol and rinse with normal saline.
-If an antiseptic is first used, rinse the wound thoroughly with saline solution before applying UrgoTul Ag/Silver.
-UrgoTul Ag/Silver can be cut using sterile scissors to fit the dressing size to the wound if necessary.
-Using the tabs remove the protective film.
-Apply UrgoTul Ag/Silver to the wound.
-Cover UrgoTul Ag/Silver with a secondary dressing suitable for the location and level of wound exudate.
-Secure the dressing in place with a suitable bandage, adhesive tape. Apply a compression bandage when prescribed.
-UrgoTul Ag/Silver should be changed every 1 to 3 days depending on the level of exudate and the clinical condition of the wound.
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