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[1 PCS] 288100 Mepilex Heel 13cm x 20cm

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Absorbent soft silicone dressing, shaped for heel wounds

Mepilex Heel minimizes trauma to the wound and pain to the patient at dressing changes. The Safetac technology prevents Mepilex Heel from sticking to the wound bed yet adheres gently to the surrounding skin allowing easy application of secondary fixation. Mepilex Heel absorbs exudate effectively and ensures a low risk of maceration.
Mepilex Heel conforms well to the heel preventing exudate from pooling and causing maceration. Mepilex Heel is ideal for most shapes or sizes of feet and may be used on other areas of the body as well.
-pressure ulcers
-diabetic foot ulcers
-traumatic wounds
Direction of use:
1. Remove the dressing from the packaging.
2. Prepare the area by cleansing the intact skin and drying the surrounding skin thoroughly.
3. After the skin is prepared, remove the backing film by gently pulling on the purple lined edge.
4. Gently lift the patient's heel and slide the dressing under the patient's foot.
6. Position the patient's heel so that the narrowest part of the dressing is just underneath the patient's heel.
7. Use your hand to gently apply the dressing to the Achilles area.
8. Remove the backing film from one side and gently smooth the dressing beneath the foot so the dressing lies against the skin of the foot sole. Ensure that entire dressing is in contact with the skin.
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