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Nice Heal is fast and easy private nursing and medical assistant booking platform. We provide services such as ostomy care and complex wound care. We partner with reputable and experienced registered nurse to ensure that our patient  receive quality care.

In Nice Heal, we understand the frustration and discomfort of dealing with a wound and ostomy. Managing the pain, the medications, and the coverings can be a seemingly endless task. Depending on your condition or where the wound or stoma is, dressing a wound may not even be physically possible for you or having frequent ostomy pouch leak. For these reasons, we proudly offer personalized home wound and ostomy management programs to help you and get back on your feet again.

Our Certified Wound and Ostomy Nurse will visit your residence to handle all your wound and ostomy care needs, including dressing changes and any therapy that may be involved with your particular condition. We will work with you to implement a custom wound care plan or ostomy management that meets the needs of your individual situation.

Additionally, we offer home safety evaluations, medication education, and regular assessments on you to make sure you're receiving the best treatment possible to handle your wound recovery or your journey as ostomate.

Try it out now to experience a new fresh way to get medical assistant at your door step
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